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The values of FeelObject

Shared values

Created in 2015 by Céline and Sylain,Feelobjectis much more than a simple industrial company, it is a modern and innovative company. It apprehends and anticipates social, societal and environmental issues not only in the industrial sector but also in the area of handicap and disabilities.

Working for Feelobject means joining a project where creativity and curiosity are the key words! It is also, and above all, about sharing strong values that are reflected on a daily ways of managing, exchanging and developing products.  


Feelobject, as a responsible company, is committed to take part in the challenges in social issues: sustainable development, local economy, access to education and culture, equal opportunities and success for all.

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Through the promotion of diversity and equity, the Feelobjectteam ensures that everyone has the same opportunities to succeed and integrate into their social environment.

Céline and Sylvain are strong defenders of man-woman equity, pragmatic innovation and the inclusion of people with disabilities


the Feelobjectteam creates links and promotes collaboration with local actors: customers, suppliers, schools, institutions…


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