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Virtuoz™ Mini

Creating a clear mental image of a place through haptic and acoustic senses

Virtuoz represents a 3D simplified floor-plan of a building.

On this plan, the essential indicators of the place are added with specific tactile signs.

Through touch the person gradually discovers the structure of the place and builds a clear mental representation / mapping of his or her surroundings.

By pressing the tactile signs the person obtains sound information that enriches his understanding of the place and the surrounding environment.

Patented plan-change-system:

with the same electronic box access multiple places or floors.

You have several plans, one for each floor for example. They are very simply put in place thanks to a polarizer and a magnetic fixation.

Once in place, the plan is automatically recognized, and the sound configuration is updated.

For more agility of mouvement

Virtuoz™ Mini is a unique User experience (UX) providing:

  • Autonomy
  • Self-confidence
  • Agility in movement
  • Freedom to choose your way
  • Possibility to explore new places

Added-value of Virtuoz™ in your establishment

Economic - No need for infrastructure or equipment - Security and safety - Multilingual - Accessibility certification - Simple to use – providing Autonomy - Fully customizable

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