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Virtuoz Museums or historical sites

Cases of application:

  • To give full access to visually impaired or blind visitors
  • To promote accessibility to museums or historic sites and the autonomous movement of visually impaired visitors
  • To allow visually impaired visitors to access other floors / buildings / sites as part of their visits enabling them to discover all the offered services
  • Allow visually impaired people to access to cultural attractions.

Added value for the Museum:

  • Comply with the accessibility law
  • Increase hotel turnover with a potential of 2 million guests
  • Limit costs related to support or assistance staff
  • Promote equitable treatment for all clients
  • Ensure that all offered services are accessible to blind and partially sighted people
  • Fostering access to culture
  • To be eligible for specific certifications

Added value for users:

  • Enable visually impaired people to access culture,
  • Reduce travel stress
  • Promote autonomy and reduce external dependency
  • Have a clear representation of the different sections of the site

How to use:

  • Virtuoz mini is available at reception desk
  • Virtuoz Large model at the entrance for a bird's-eye view of the site and all the surrounding area
  • Funding and subsidies: contact us for more information


RGPD compliance

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