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FeelObject know-how

Feelobject developpe a unique know-how adapted to professional 3D printing and haptic perception.

Experienced in additive manufacturing (professional 3D printing) enhanced by a strong culture of innovation, the Feelobjectteam relies on its own engineering laboratory (Studio) to imagine, design, test and manufacture the objects of tomorrow..

The professional 3D printing technology used by FeelObject offers a wide range of innovative opportunities in the social, societal and environmental fields. The development potential is so large that the only limit is the imagination...

Design & Engineering

During this stage, essential for any project, we adapt and customize the products so that they best meet the final need.

Feelobjecthas a high standards in conception and design adapted to additive manufacturing, which allows us to create tailor-made objects.

Recherche and innovation

Our  product Virtuoz is straight out of the feelobject's laboratory. The contours (design, symbols, materials...) of the tactile and interactive map were drawn in Toulouse, in collaboration with the research laboratory "Cherchons pour voir" (common laboratory at IRIT (Institut en Recherche Informatique de Toulouse) and IJA (Institut des Jeunes Aveugles) de Toulouse.  Our early adaptor ENEDIS and a community of visually impaired and blind users also participated in testing our solution.

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