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12 juin 2018 - General

« Tech For Good », the creed of Handitech

After the first edition in 2017, 49 partners mobilized around 167 startups committed to disability and loss of autonomy within the association. Its official launch took place on May 24, 2018 at Viva Technology in Paris.

On the eve of the opening of the Viva Technology show, the "Tech For Good" international summit, organized by Emmanuel Macron, took place: technologies for everyone were in the spotlight.

The next day, Handitech made its launch on the show. Innovative technologies for the benefit of people with disabilities, this is the goal of the association bringing together the startups who develop them. And all this in a desire to include include by the digital.

167 startups present, it is thus a proof that the creators of startups are sensitive to questions on the handicap but that they also see there the possibility of big technological advances and many promising markets.

In addition to start-ups, Handitech also brings together companies, institutions, associations, students and investors who develop projects or innovative solutions that make life easier for people with disabilities.

Namely, between 2012 and 2015, the number of startups increased by 30%. Thus in 2017 were born 9400 startups (and this figure continues to increase). Thus, some nuggets benefit from increased visibility due to the different entrepreneurial communities that also allow them to obtain fundraising.

Each year, to support the best projects and inclusive technologies to open up the handicap, Handitech organizes the Handitech Trophy. The principle ? A jury made up of around twenty experts from the technology ecosystem, media, schools and companies to award trophies in six categories: health, mobility, employment, digital, robotics and student projects, as well as Bpifrance's favorite prize.

The laureates get several benefits, but especially a highlight of their project, which increases their notoriety. The members of the association can also use the brand Handitech from different angles: those who support the ecosystem of the association, those who participate or support the trophies of the Handitech, the winners of the contest, or startups and entrepreneurs who develop an inclusive product or service.

Winners can also be offered legal support for one year. Business intelligence technical tools or CSR training are also presented.


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