Research and innovation

The studio feelobject is an incubator of innovative objects. This is the R & D laboratory of the Feelobject team. The Studio is a place conducive to innovation, through the reflection and design of objects, some of which will take the form of concrete applications. Resolutely user-centric, the Studio promotes cooperation and experimentation to develop accessible products that meet a specific need. The Virtuoz product is straight out of the feelobject Studio. The contours (design, symbols, materials ...) of the tactile and interactive plan were drawn in Toulouse, in collaboration with the Institute of Research in Computer Science (IRIT), the Institute of Young Blind, the ENEDIS company and a community of visually impaired and blind users.

The professional 3D printing technology used by FeelObject offers a multitude of possible advances in the social, societal and environmental fields: the development potential is so strong that the only limit is our imagination ...


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