Shared values, commitments to share

Far more than just an industrial company, Feelobject is a modern and innovative company that apprehends and anticipates social, societal and environmental issues in the industry sector as well as disability and human resources. Collaborating with the Feelobject team means adhering to a project where creativity and curiosity are the watchwords! It is also, and above all, sharing strong values ​​that materialize on a daily basis in management, exchanges, product developments, etc. :

  • the responsibility: for Céline and Sylvain, the creation of Feelobject aims to act as a responsible company, by committing to anticipate societal challenges and challenges to guide actions for sustainable development, the economy education, in the respect and success of all, partners and collaborators.
  • collaboration: the Feelobject team creates links and promotes work in collaboration with local stakeholders: customers, suppliers, subcontractors, schools, institutions. Designed and developed by Feelobject, the Virtuoz plan has been tested by a community of visually impaired users to improve the product and offer an object closer to real needs. Always with the objective of making a product useful, accessible and practical, the tactile language of the plan was reflected in collaboration with the Toulouse research laboratory "Let's See to See".
  • Inclusion: Through the promotion of diversity and equity, the Feelobject team ensures that everyone has the same opportunities to succeed and integrate into their social environment. Engaged in several social movements, Céline and Sylvain are strong advocates for gender equity, pragmatic innovation and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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