A bold team for a project that makes sense

Feelobject is the story of two entrepreneurs, Céline Favy-Huin & Sylvain Huin, and the meeting of two areas of expertise: human resources and engineering. In Toulouse, in 2015, they created the company Feelobject in order to use the unlimited potential of 3D printing to develop objects that make sense. As an industrial company with a societal impact, Feelobject sells customizable, high quality and socially innovative objects designed using the additive manufacturing technique.

Joined by Pascal Garrin to strengthen design expertise, Céline and Sylvain prove that professional 3D printing is not exclusively reserved for the industry sector. At the end of 2017, Feelobject launches its first object: Virtuoz, a tactile and interactive plan, offering unprecedented travel possibilities, whatever the place, in order to promote the inclusion of people with visual impairment.

With a strong culture of innovation, the Feelobject team relies on its own engineering studio to imagine, design, test and manufacture the objects of the future.

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