For who ?

Virtuoz has been designed, tested and manufactured with and for the visually impaired. To better understand the needs, a collaboration with "Let's See to See", the joint research laboratory between IRIT, the Universities of Toulouse and the Institute of Young Blind People of Toulouse, was set up. A language in relief, adapted to the movement in the space of the visually impaired and blind people, was specifically developed by Feelobject. The relief of the plane made in 3D printing is coupled with other technologies such as electronics to add sound and provide additional information. Thus, Virtuoz aims to provide the necessary autonomy to 1.7 million visually impaired people in France, who can finally move without assistance, in a building or outdoor space, thanks to the touch.


With Virtuoz, promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, value diversity and strengthen your CSR actions within your company.

Public spaces

With Virtuoz, make life easier for people with visual impairments, give them autonomy and freedom of movement.

Les lieux de visite

Avec Virtuoz, créez des parcours de visite en intérieur comme en extérieur. Donnez accès à la culture et à la connaissance, aux personnes malvoyantes et non-voyantes, à travers un dispositif de médiation innovant.

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